As in Charlton Heston’s famous monologue in the original 1968 concluding scene of Planet of the Apes, we kneel in the sand at the end of email. At the crumbled statue of liberty of communication, we can easily apply Heston’s script, “you really did it, you maniacs, you maniacs, you blew it up, God damn you, God damn you all to hell !”

Email has existed for over 43 years. That’s a very long time and frankly, it can and should be replaced, quite easily. With increasing dominance of social media, it seems high time that businesses recognize that email is no longer an effective communication tool, both inside and outside their organizations.

Just three years after Heston damned the world for not thinking about what we had, the first email was sent by Ray Tomlinson to himself, in 1971. More recently, on July 1st 2014, Canada’s Anti-Spam Law came into effect. Now, at least in one nation, arguably the most important marketing tool of the century, has largely been erased.

Canada’s attempt to put an end to endless waves of email is not only warranted, but prescient. Email will likely be around for many more years, but as with letter writing, it has become an antiquated and frankly time consuming method of communication, without any of the romance of its fore-bearer.

These last few weeks we all have received emails from companies who one way or another have added our email to one of their drip lists. Even the worst spam offenders are taking the new laws seriously, sending out imploring messages so that they may “keep in touch”. I don’t think I clicked a single one, though I read many of them as even my company had to craft and send out its own.

“No thanks”, I thought. I’d like to avoid needless distractions during my day. When I’m curious about your brand or organization, or need your services, I’ll come to you. It’s not hard, I can literally just go to Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in, Google, Instagram, or any of the plethora of other, more convenient and effective places I can find and talk to you. I may even visit your website. But I am not interested in simply being a depository for your marketing team’s latest campaign.

It’s time to run better businesses, without spamming people. What’s more, ‘management by inbox’ (a personal favourite phrase of mine designating the mistake too many companies continue to make) just doesn’t work. It’s time for businesses to stop wasting time trying to communicate with multiple team members in endless chains of emails. There’s too much at risk and it simply just takes too much time.

That’s the problem 1to1Real has always sought to solve. Our Activity Spaces allow team members to communicate effectively and dynamically to collaborate on projects and tasks. And our soon to be released iOS 7 1to1Real app will allow you the mobility you need to do your work, while you continue to actually live your life. You don’t need to be tethered to your inbox any longer.

Since 1971 email has been a great tool. It was also a great marketing idea. But with the emergence of an increasingly sophisticated technological ecosystem, there are better, more efficient ways to communicate with current and potential customers, and also with your staff, team and contractors.

Canada’s Anti-Spam Laws were a powerful statement. Businesses and organizations will have to comply. And frankly, why wouldn’t you want to? Don’t we all want less emails to sort through?

We suggest you try 1to1Real to manage even just one project. It’s time turn in that old 1971 vehicle you’ve been trying to drive your business around in for something a bit more streamlined. Build a more reliable and enjoyable relationship with your team, customers, and market.

Learn how 1to1Real can help your business be more productive, without email. Start a free trial today.